Rogue economist asks “Was Osama bin Laden right about America?”

Osama Bin

The heroic Seal Team Six killed Osama bin Laden just over four years ago. And thankfully, his bones rest at the bottom of the Indian Ocean.

But America’s desperate battle with al-Qaeda is far from over.

You see, a key weapon of bin Laden’s was economic warfare…and al Qaeda still uses the tactic against America.

Osama named it the “bleed until bankruptcy plan,” where the goal is to draw the United States into endless – and costly – Middle Eastern wars. Wars that will eventually bankrupt the US economy.

In other words, Osama didn’t seek to win with body counts.

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Rather, bin Laden measured al Qaeda’s success by American deficits, debt spending, borrowing costs, and wealth wasted on war rather than productive investments that boost the American economy.

He wanted America to strangle itself, to pour out its blood and treasure out upon the barren field of endless war.

And clearly — on that account — he still lands many crushing blows. Because America has amassed an unbelievable amount of debt, one that our children have no hope of repaying.

Joseph Sitglitz, Nobel-Prize-winning economist, states that the Iraq War has cost over $3 trillion. And, all told, the Afghanistan war – the longest in US history – will cost over $1 trillion.

Add in all of the future costs to support the tens of thousands of veterans and countless global military bases and you see what a huge, expensive situation this is.

What’s more — none of that already huge debt counts the costs of the war against ISIS, the never ending War on Terror, the war in Libya, the support in Syria and Yemen, or the ever-looming threat of yet another unnecessary foreign war.

And David Boaz, writing in the conservative magazine National Review, recently said this: “Our never-ending military involvements around the world are enormously expensive and make us less safe.”

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So you can see how bin Laden was right all along – we’re fighting our way into endless debt and bankruptcy.

But here’s the thing – this isn’t the first time bin Laden and al Qaeda have waged this type of “bleed until bankruptcy” war.

Because this is precisely how they defeated the Soviet Union in Afghanistan three decades ago. “We, alongside the mujahedeen, bled Russia for 10 years, until it went bankrupt,” he bragged.

Osama learned a big lesson there – that the only way to beat a super power is by forcing its economy to crumble. You can’t beat them with guns, because super powers will always have more troops, bombs and more firepower.

His plan worked. Here we are in 2015, over a decade later, and America’s embroiled in war after war in the torn Middle East. Expensive wars, funded by debt.

The deadly 9-11 attacks immediately sliced a massive $640 billion from the US stock markets.  But the costs didn’t end there.

Bin Laden may be dead, but his ghost lives on, haunting America into bankruptcy. Here’s the rest of the shocking story:

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